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Garcelle Beauvais Opens Up About Being The First Black Housewife On RHOBH – Says She Refused To Play Into The Angry Black Woman Stereotype!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star did not want to be a stereotype of her race and gender when she first joined the show. What she really wanted was to be herself!

During today’s episode of Reality Life with Kate Casey, Garcelle Beauvais opened up about that, admitting that she felt a lot of pressure since she was the first black woman to join the cast of RHOBH.

‘Did I feel the pressure of being the first Black woman on? Yes, I definitely felt pressure people wanted me to come and do a certain thing or to have a chip on my shoulder,’ she dished.

The reality TV celeb simply refused to ever play into how the media often portrays black women as.

‘I really didn’t want to be labeled an angry black woman. That’s not who I am. I wanted to just stay true to who I am, and I think that is what people have been able to see so far. I wasn’t prepared for how social media just takes over. Lisa Rinna told me it is one thing to shoot for the show. It is another to see it and what others have said about you. There’s so many layers to being on the show,’ she went on to dish during the same podcast.

As fans know, Garcelle was already well known when she joined the cast.

After all, she portrayed the character of Francesca ‘Fancy’ Monroe on The Jamie Foxx show!

Furthermore, she also appeared on other shows such as NYPD Blue, The Magicians, Grimm, Siren, Merry Happy Whatever, Tell Me a Story and many more!

Now that she also added her very first season of RHOBH to her resume, she is at home, relaxing amid the quarantine but is excited to return to the show as soon as things come back to normal.

source https://celebrityinsider.org/garcelle-beauvais-opens-up-about-being-the-first-black-housewife-on-rhobh-says-she-refused-to-play-into-the-angry-black-woman-stereotype-412060/

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