Loni Love Tweets That She Wants People To Stop ‘Lying’ On Her After Tamar Braxtons Seemingly Wants To Make Peace

Loni Love and Tamar Braxton have been at odds for years now. It seems just when Tamar is deciding to make peace with her former co-stars, Loni Love may be resistant to.

Tamar participated in an uplifting social media challenge where she was tasked to sing a spiritual song and tag others to participate. Many people raised an eyebrow when she chose Adrienne Bailon as one of the other celebrities to take part in it.

Braxton has seemingly always had a soft spot for Bailon. Years ago, when she was on Instagram Live she mistook an Adrienne fan page as the actual hostess and admitted that she missed her.

As people pointed out that she tagged the Disney Channel alum in the recent video, the singer took to Twitter to let it be known that she isn’t holding any grudges.

‘I feel that its the time to get along with everyone. I don’t even have a feeling about people who wronged me in the past. I’m at the point in my life that if that’s your energy that’s on you. NOTHING or NO ONE is going to Dim the light that’s over me. That is mine.’

It seems that Loni caught wind of Tamar’s message because she responded with a cryptic tweet of her own.

‘I have no problems with nobody.. I just want folks to stop lying on me… My new book details how hard I have worked from getting out the projects to becoming an Emmy winning talk show host.’

Although she didn’t directly name Tamar, Love seems to be referencing the Braxton Family Values star’s multiple claims that Loni had something to do with her being let go from the real.

The same issue came up earlier this month when Loni says that she will talk about the speculation in her upcoming book.

Do you think Tamar and Loni will ever be cordial?

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