Kelly Ripa Advises Fans Not To DIY Their Haircuts While In Quarantine – ‘I Cut My Bangs Once And Never Got Over It!’

While in quarantine, Kelly Ripa fears that out of either boredom or necessity, people might be tempted to cut their own hair so she just had to warn us all against it!  After all, the star has once cut her own bags and she is yet to get over it!

Kelly reacted to reports that a lot of women have been DIYing new hairstyles while in self-isolation amid the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.

But she just had to get real with everyone since she has had a not so great experience doing the same in the past.

The talk show host is definitely tempted as well to at least dye her hair herself if not cut it since the white roots have been coming in.

But since she knows how things could go wrong, she’s decided to patiently wait for the pandemic to go away before she does anything to the locks so that a professional can do it instead.

During a from home Live With Kelly and Ryan, she shared the precious piece of advice with the viewers, saying that: ‘People are cutting their own bangs, they’re calling it a pandemic trend. I’m not sure if I like the term pandemic trend but they are saying that since it has taken hold of us, they are cutting their hair out of boredom.’

However, she was not too sure that was the way to do it or even the main reason!

While the articles she made reference to did not mention alcohol, Kelly had a different idea about the said trend.

Kelly argued that ‘People don’t cut their hair out of boredom, they cut it because they are drunk and think they know how to cut hair. I know from where I speak. I cut my bangs before the Daytime Emmys around 22 years ago and I have never gotten over it. People tend to be on their I cut my bangs glass of wine. They think, ‘You know what, I have always wanted bangs and now I am going to do it.’’


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