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Guess Who This Smiley Face Turned Into!

It's unclear if this smiley girl grew up with a cousin named Seth or if she wore pink every Wednesday while growing up, but she definitely spent a lot of time in Allentown, Pennsylvania before hitting it big time in Hollywood. Her mother was an… Read more

Hilary Duff -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Hilary Duff's good looks really are what dreams are made of! Here is a 14-year-old version of the "Lizzie McGuire" actress radiating with youth at an award show in Los Angeles, California back in 2001 (left). And, 18 years later ... The now… Read more

NFL Ink -- Guess Who!

Going head-to-head with the gnarliest dudes in the world in America's gridiron games is the second most painful things these NFL athletes have done in their lives ... 'cause they also have gotten some epic ink as well. These pro-football players… Read more

#SPORTS - Alexis Sanchez Is The New Balotelli

The Chile star’s first start in Serie A proved more eventful than expected, with two goals, one later taken away from him and a red card in 47 minutes Alexis Sanchez’ time at Manchester United may have been little short of an unmitigated disaster, but it is clear th… Read more