Meagan Good Explains Why Skin Bleaching Rumors Broke Her Heart — Reveals Exactly How Unlicensed Cosmetologist Ruined Her Complexion

Meagan Good recently broke her silence about her altered appearance in her comment section. Now, the actress is ready to explain exactly what caused her lighter skin tone.

Good’s fans noticed last year that she started to appear lighter than she normally is. This ignited rumors that she was bleaching her skin.

The color is returning and Meagan has decided to speak on why the rumors broke her heart.

While chatting with Where Is The Buzz TV, Meagan said: ‘It broke my heart to think that there’s little girls seeing this commentary and thinking it’s true. It broke my heart that in a season when you have young Black men and women being murdered everywhere that someone would think for one second that I don’t love my Black skin. That bothered me. And when it all first happened, it was extremely traumatic because I went to this woman for a scar removal, like a dog bite on my leg.’

She went on to say that an unlicensed cosmetologist convinced her to try a cream to remove sun damage from her forehead. Since the 38-year-old had been using the woman’s anti-aging products that worked fine — she gave it a shot.

Meagan noticed the change in her complexion and brought it up to the fake beauty advisor who told her that it was all part of the process.

‘And as I saw myself getting lighter,  I started freaking out and I said, ‘What’s going on?’ And she said, ‘Oh no, no. It’s just going to lift the damage first and then everything will come back.’ And I said, ‘Oh ok, cool.’ And I saw myself getting lighter. And I was like, ‘What is happening?!’ And she was like, ‘Oh, don’t worry your color will come back.’ And I said, ‘But when is it going to come back?’ She said, ‘It’ll come back soon I promise.’

She went on to say that after two months, her color had not returned and that is when viral photos of her surfaced.

Luckily, Good’s complexion is almost back to what it was before.


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