Chris Pratt Shares Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Pregnancy Cravings And Reveals He’s Been Indulging In Them As Well!

As fans know, Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are expecting their first baby together and the actor revealed what his pregnant wife has been craving! Chris has also had to relearn all about what pregnancy is all about since it has been a while since he’s experienced it!

He and his former wife, Anna Faris share son Jack together.

While chatting with Billy Bush for Extra, he admitted that he has been trying to be careful about complaining around Katherine.

After all, no matter what he may be going through during the quarantine, she has been having it much worse!

‘Can I be honest with you? I found myself complaining just the other day about a bit of low back and hip pain and how in quarantine I have gained a little weight… and she looked at me sweetly and I was like… ‘Oh, right, right, I do not really get to complain about that to you now, do I?” he dished.

He went on to reveal her pregnancy cravings while also explaining why he’s been concerned about his weight lately – because he’s also been enjoying her cravings!

As it turns out, ‘it’s been tough’ to resist ‘pickles and ice cream! I never thought I would like ’em.’

Katherine has been keeping her experience of being pregnant for the first time mainly under wraps but one insider previously told E! News that the two ‘are completely thrilled to be starting a family. Family is everything to them and it’s a very exciting time.’

Amid the quarantine, Chris and Katherine have been passing the time by taking their dogs for walks as well as biking around the neighborhood!

And just like everyone else, Pratt needed some haircutting as it was getting pretty long and his wife was on it!

Apparently, for an amateur haircut, it was ‘damn good!’


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