Following his exit from One Direction, it’s safe to say that Zayn Malik hasn’t been too friendly to his former bandmates or even appreciative of his time in the band! That being said, during an interview, he did not hesitate to even criticize the music they used to perform, labeling it as ‘generic.’

Hearing this, Louis Tomlinson could not help but think he was really ‘disrespectful.’

While being interviewed by The Sun, Louis made it clear that while he doesn’t think having a relationship with Zayn in the future is out of the question, he’s also made zero effort to make that happen.

‘I’ve not actively tried [to reconnect with him]. We’ve all got a lot on our plates and there might be a day where I wake up and think, ‘OK, I want to right that wrong’, but not yet.’

After Zayn’s exit from 1D, the band only continued as four for a little while, disbanding for good the following year.

But despite all that, the members, with the exception of Zayn, have expressed pride over their great achievements as One Direction.

Zayn on the other hand, has criticized it before, saying that their music was ‘generic as f**k’ and that there was no ‘room to experiment.’

During his new interview, Louis was asked if he found Zayn’s comments as disrespectful and he did not hesitate to admit – ‘I do.’

He did go on to say that: ‘But I can understand it. We have a lot of situations where we’re sat in interviews and if you’re in a certain mood you might run your mouth. The older you get the more you can tell if these things actually carry any malice or if they’re just a prod in the back. That’s life, innit? Sometimes people chat s**t and that’s the reality.’