It sounds like Kim Kardashian is keeping her kids on very strict eating diets already! The KUWK star is not only very careful about what she eats but also about what her young ones eat as well!

That being said, she revealed that the three youngest ones are currently on plant-based diets while her oldest, North West, is a Pescatarian, which means that she is allowed to eat fish as well.

The mother of four revealed all of this during a Twitter question and answer session with her followers yesterday.

It all started with her revealing that she no longer consumes any meat: ‘I eat mostly plant-based. No meat anymore.’

That is when another fan wondered if the same can be said about her and Kanye West’s kids.

‘@KimKardashian do the kids eat plant-based too?’ the question reads.

As for her answer, Kim did not hesitate to let her fans know: ‘Yes they do! North is a pescatarian though.’

Last summer, Kim revealed that she got thinner than ever by adopting the vegan lifestyle but now, it appears like she is a vegetarian.

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Last month, she also shared a pic of her whole family enjoying some breakfast together.

Therefore, their meals could be seen and indeed, there was no meat of any kind in the shot.

Instead, Kim, Kanye and the three older kids were seen with eggs and fruits on their plates.

There were also bowls filled with plenty of yogurt, berries and granola.

Of course, the youngest of the family, baby Psalm, was not eating any of it with the rest of his family since he’s obviously too young for it but he was still featured in the photo, being seen across the table in his baby carrier.

As for whether or not her rapper husband is also a vegetarian or not, Kim did not mention it during her interaction with fans on Twitter.