Kailyn Lowry is a mom of nearly four and she is just as proud of her kids as Amber Rose is, for instance! That being said, since the model has recently tattooed her two kids’ names on her forehead, should Kailyn do the same in honor of her young ones?

This is what the Teen Mom star suggested when she took to social media to share an edited pic of her with the initials of her three boys on her forehead.

Kailyn was pretty much joking that she’ll do the same and that she was trying it out first to see how it looks and to get opinions.

It appears that getting face ink has become quite the trend already this year and social media users are generally not thrilled about it, most comments being from people put off that the stars would ‘ruin’ their pretty faces like that.

Furthermore, perhaps the one that got the most attention for this was none other than Amber Rose since her tattoo is pretty big and it resides on her forehead, just below the hairline!

You might know that it reads: ‘Bash’ [aka Sebastian, 6] and ‘Slash,’ 4 months, which are the names of her two sons.

As mentioned before, it looks like Kailyn got inspired by Amber and so she took to social media to share an edited picture of her with the initials of her three boys inked on her forehead, just to see how she’d look like.

‘I’m about to have all the letters across my forehead w all my f**king kids,’ she wrote in the caption.

She was most likely not serious about that plan but her fans were still freaking out and begging her to think about it.

Since Kail has  a lot of tattoos as well, just like Amber, it is possible she’s really considering it!

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