The cookie lady made an infamous return to the Real Housewives of Atlanta on Sunday night. It turns out that Kenya Moore isn’t the only one who had the idea to bring the woman around the group.

If you haven’t been watching the show, the much talked about cookie lady is the owner of the bakery that neighbors Cynthia Bailey’s wine cellar. The woman approached Cynthia and Kenya to tell them a story about Tanya Sam’s fiance, Paul Judge.

The woman claimed that Paul flirted with her at a bar and told her that he was single. Tanya ended up brushing the interaction off because her story didn’t add up.

However, fans were up in arms because Moore invited the woman to brunch with Tanya, Cynthia, and Eva Marcille to be spiteful due to Sam exposing her for bringing a wig on their trip to Toronto.

Kandi Burruss wasn’t a part of the scene, but she commented on it via her Youtube channel series Speak On It where she revealed something interesting.

‘When Kenya had brought up the fact that Cynthia had invited the girl to come around before. We actually do talk about that… later on. I don’t know if they’re going to show that in future episodes but that does come up. I remember us talking about that. You did invite that lady to come around Tanya before now. I don’t know if that was shade or if she really likes the cookie lady and wanted to invite her.’

She even went on to admit that it was shady when Kenya and Cynthia walked the cookie lady out while Tanya and Eva remained at the table.

‘It was shady the way Cynthia and Kenya both walked out with the Cookie Lady and left Tanya sitting there — I was like this was awkward. Then Cynthia even came back because she left her cookies. Eva tried to be supportive to Tanya but she was even going on-and-on about how good the cookies were. I’m sorry, if me and this cookie lady ain’t getting along and you supposed to be my friend – I don’t need you going on-and-on about how good her cookies are.’

What do you think about this storyline and Kandi’s comments?