On Friday, the prosecutor presiding over Harvey Weinstein’s case suggested there wasn’t much for Annabella Sciorra to do when faced with fending herself against the advances of Harvey Weinstein. The producer’s team asked why she didn’t ask for help from Robert De Niro or Sylvester Stallone.

According to Page Six, the prosecution argued that Annabella couldn’t have asked for help from Stallone or De Niro because both men are simply actors, and aren’t the characters they’ve portrayed in movies and on screen.

The ADA, Joan Illuzzi-Orbon, said to Manhattan Supreme Court jurors that De Niro and Stallone were just actors, and they weren’t actually the Godfather or Rambo.

Reportedly, the prosecution’s remarks came after the defense team for Harvey asked why she didn’t ask for help from the aforementioned actors.

As it was previously reported, the 59-year-old The Sopranos actress testified last month that Harvey raped her and also showed up to her hotel room wearing nothing but his underwear while clutching a bottle of baby oil at the 1997 Cannes Film Festival.

Sciorra had a supporting role in the movie, Cop Land, produced by Harvey Weinstein. Sciorra said before the jury that she showed up to her room around 5:00 am in the morning and Harvey was in there waiting for her. The actress said there were early calls in the morning sometimes.

Additionally, Annabella claims that Harvey raped her back in the early 1990s at her home. The actress stated that when she was in the hotel during Cannes Film Festival, she backed up after getting really scared and pressed all the call buttons in the room.

Donna Rotunno asked Annabella why she didn’t ask De Niro or Stallone to help her, who were also her co-stars in the movie. The star admitted she never saw anybody until she later walked the red carpet with Sly. Annabella is just one of three women whose claims were used as evidence against Harvey Weinstein. The other women were Mimi Haleyi and Jessica Mann.

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