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Lil’ Boosie Denies Reports He Fought With George Zimmerman

The New York Post reported earlier this week that the rumors aren’t true. Fans of Lil’ Boosie might’ve caught wind of the rumors floating around that he and George Zimmerman got into a skirmish in a Florida Walmart, however, Boosie, via Page Six claims this isn’t the case.

To provide additional context, sources claimed he and George Zimmerman got into a fight outside of a Miami Walmart. George Zimmerman, 36, was the man who was acquitted of the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, in Sanford, Florida.

Online rumors stated that Boosie saw Zimmerman outside of a big-box department store and said to his face,” Hey, you that fat-a** n****a who killed Trayvon right?” The rumor began to swirl not long after Zimmerman dropped a $100,000,000 civil suit against the Martin family.

On Tuesday night, the 37-year-old rapper took to his Instagram page to state that he has never seen George Zimmerman in his entire life. He added, “this is a lie, leave me alone.”

Tweets that went viral online claimed that Torrence Hatch, aka Lil’ Boosie, was in custody after he got into a fight with Zimmerman. Complex claimed the former security guard was “knocked out cold” by the rapper.

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Rapper #LilBoosie responds to a viral internet rumor that he laid the paws 🐾 down on #GeorgeZimmerman, who was found not guilty after killing #TrayvonMartin. ——————————————————————————— According to @nypost, The internet started a rumor claiming that Boosie recognized Zimmerman — who recently filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Martin family — and confronted him by saying, “Hey, you that fat-ass n—a who killed Trayvon right?”. ——————————————————————————— Boosie says it’s simply not true. Says he’s only seen Zimmerman on tv. Swipe left 🍵. ———————————————————————————

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Furthermore, rumor had it that Zimmerman began reaching for his gun the moment he was approached by the rapper. In an Instagram statement, Boosie claimed he and Zimmerman never met and never fought in a Walmart. The rapper added succinctly, “that is a lie.”

Fans of Boosie know he has been in trouble with the authorities before, including his prior Louisiana arrest on gun and drug charges. The police hit him with similar charges last year in Georgia. While one might think the rapper was livid, he at least took the time to market his new product.

The rapper took the opportunity to promote a noodle brand that he and Master P created called, “Rap Noodles,” which comes out in Walmart this Friday. Boosie said on his account that they just might be the best noodles a person could ever try.

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