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Kandi Burruss Says Family Members Hurt Her Feelings – Reveals They Judged Her Decision To Welcome Second Baby Via Surrogate

As fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta know, Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker decided to add to their family via a surrogate. That being said, while they were happy with that path to welcoming their second child, it turns out that not everyone around them felt the same about it.

Apparently, Kandi was judged by her family for it and she made it very clear that they ‘hurt [her] feelings!’

While a guest on Tamron Hall‘s talk show, the reality TV star opened up about it, also telling the other woman all about her experience with having surrogate Shadina Blunt carrying and giving birth their second addition to the family.

Kandi revealed that some of her close ones were insensitive about her choice, going as far as to doubt that she’d even be able to bond with the baby since she was not going to carry it.

The RHOA celeb dished that ‘One of my family members brought up, ‘Well you don’t think you’re going to bond with her?’ and it just kind of hurt my feelings. I didn’t say anything, but it did hurt my feelings. Overall, I just think people have to be a little more sensitive when that subject comes up. I still get a little sensitive about it. People don’t really have the information so they don’t really know. It scares you as soon as you find out obviously.’

‘I mean, people are like ‘Why you wanna do that’ and they automatically think it’s a ‘vain’ decision, that you’re doing it just cause you don’t want to…c’mon honey, I’ve got money to get my body back if I need to,’ the star went on to joke.

Fans may remember that the married couple had their first son, Ace in 2016 via IVF.

But then she tried, without any success to have another baby for no less than two years so they turned to surrogacy instead.

Baby Blaze was born in November of last year.

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